*choking back tears* wanna fight 

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OUaT meme} seven characters
↳ [2/7] Red Riding Hood / Ruby Lucas

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them: what's your religion?
me: i'm a practicing bisexual
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Laverne Cox on her brother being cast on Orange is the New Black

Watch Laverne Cox’s full interview now!

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Kristen leaving the Chanel show in Paris

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if you ever see me reblog something as a link please dont judge me im sorry im probably on mobile and didnt mean it

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Apparently pizza makes me touchy feely and sentimental.

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I mean, when it comes to intracommunity conflict, it isn’t just semantics and the perceived ‘wrongness’ of the other. By nature of the closeness of bi women and lesbians, invalidation and dismissal cut deep, and it is easy to harbor resentments due to issues that aren’t discussed, but it’s also easy to feel a sense of betrayal when you do open up and aren’t well received.

People are hurt and heated and without acknowledging the feelings behind points of contention it never seems to go anywhere. Yes, examining why and where emotions come from and what they’re affected by is important, but so is acknowledging that the feelings themselves are valid.

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